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MINERALANGEL offers museum quality display mineral crystal specimens including one of the largest selections of Chisel Barite, Pyromorphite, Enhydro Quartz, Calcite, Stibnite,Hematite, Garnet, Crysanthemum Stone, Aragonite and Fluorite that can be found anywhere in the world.

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Fossil Age Minerals has a large selection of Barite Available for sale online. Barite is well-known for its great range of colors and varied crystal forms and habits. It is an immensely popular mineral among collectors. Barite is easily identifiable by its heavy weight since most similar minerals are much lighter.

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A great show piece compliments China. So many beautiful mineral specimens are now being mined in different areas of this great country. AUD $47 . Write down selected items then use our secure order form! WW839 : AUD $52. Write down selected items then use our secure order form! WW840: Specimen: Calcite on Conichalcite. Specimen: Red Quartz with ...

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Other UK Specimens; Worldwide Specimens For Sale Pyromorphite, Campylite, Barite added 30th March 2008. Material is grouped into species - I hate looking at disorganised lists of mineral specimens for sale on dealers websites and having to scroll through endless pages looking for the only calcite specimen amongst 200 other minerals!

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The Mineral Brothers specialize in affordable mineral specimens from New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico. Many spectacular specimens of fluorite, pyrolusite, calcite ...

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The full net cost of the returned mineral specimen(s) will be credited in a timely manner to your account or Credit Card, whichever method of payment used initially when specimen(s) are received on-time and in good condition. Damaged in Transit Please notify us immediately if any specimens …

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Approx Size: 2 to 4 inch size. Locality: Arkansas Rock/Mineral Info: Most commonly found in hydrothermal veins and as veins in limestone Metaphysical Properties: Helps to link us to our highest purpose and higher self, acts as a magnet to high frequency energy, and activates. Very high quality rough material (1 LB). Size, color and number of rocks per Lb will vary.

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Barite - Large, superb specimen with three main slender Barite crystals. The main crystal is 6cm and the other two are 3.5 and 4cm. Each protrudes from matrix and all are terminated. The matrix of golden Calcite consist of dozens of distinct 5-8mm crystals. Sits well naturally, no damage. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.

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Barite Mineral Specimen #6. This barite is known as Barite (Two Generations). As you can see the core of this specimen exhibits a translucent gemmy core that contrasts nicely with the bright white, ivory colored band at the edges.


This is not your typical Greek mineral specimen. This Barite crystal is draped with a carpet of light green crystals of Malachite. A good locality piece for a good price. click on image for larger view. F-185 Albite variety Pericline with Epidote $17.50

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Mineral Specimens. Home. Rocko Events. Contact Us. Fine Minerals ($2000+) Crystals & Cocktails (c) ... If the specimen is no longer available, we will refund you or credit your account toward another specimen! Filter by. Collection. All "Grapes" Indonesia; Worldwide (Misc.) Cabinet Specimens ... Grape Amethyst & Barite, Indonesia. Regular Price ...

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A selection of over 90 specimens, all but a couple under $100 and most under $70. (New specimens are on first TWO PAGES and have stock numbers beginning with CMC) May 25, 2015- Thumbnails! A selection of 48 thumbnail specimens from around the world, from common species to rare ones, in all price ranges. May 10, 2015- Plumbogummite ps. Pyromorphite!

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English mineral specimens - campylite, sphalerite, calcite, barite. Barite is one of those minerals that can be easily overlooked. It's not always spectacular, not particularly colourful, and its hard to find top class specimens that haven't got nicks and dings to them.

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Blue barite is less common, but these are apparently barite. These thick complex crystals are 1 cm, 5x5 cm specimen. Similar 1 cm crystals on Chuck Trantham specimen. The third specimen has tiny blocky white barite crystals coating yellow calcite scalenohedrons to 2 cm, 6x4 cm overall. See R&M 65/6.

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This collection contains over 11,000 specimens and is located on the second floor of the State Museum ... Barite from both Hartsel and Stoneham can be cleaned in hydrochloric acid, as it will loosen the clay and iron ... I believe Betty Wilklow of the Colorado Mineral Society has one of the best ideas.

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Flower Amethyst, Barite Geode Collectible Rocks Crystals Mineral Specimens . $120.00. Free shipping . Flower Amethyst, Barite Fossils Collectibles Rocks Crystals Mineral Specimens . ... Repair AMETHYST WITH CHABAZITE GEODE Crystals and Mineral Specimens MGA06. $22.99. shipping: + $15.00 shipping . HEULANDITE GEODE Crystals and Mineral Specimens ...

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Specimen # 102003. Specimen Locality: Cave in Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois Mineral Description: Lustrous gemmy amber colored crystals of fluorite to 2.0 cm on edge across the top of this matrix with barite.Some crystals show purple coloration making for a neat combination. Sits perfectly by itself or display, this is in very good condition.

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A large specimen featuring rosettes of platy light-orange Barite crystals hosting numerous Cerussite crystals with one measuring nearly 2 cm. All of this on a bed of gray metallic Galena crystals. The contrast is amazing and all three minerals are exhibited very equitably. A great piece in excellent condition. Location: Mibladen, Atlas Mountains, Khenifra Province, Morocco Size: 14 x 12 x 7 cm

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1,753 All Mineral Specimens 12 Acasta Gneiss 74 Apophyllite 6 Aragonite Specimens 46 Astrophylite 1 Auralite 23 396 Australian Minerals 72 Barite 2 Brookite 14 Bulgarian Mineral Specimens 20 Chalcopyrite 2 Cinnabar 15 Copper 1 Covelite 31 Desert Rose 28 Dolomite Minerals 41 Epidote Specimens 12 Fluorescent Minerals 153 Greek Minerals 18 Hauyne ...

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The first mechanical tool to try is a brass brush. They are available in hardware stores for use as a cleaning tool and for wood refinishers. Make sure you get brass bristles because brass is softer. Brass is between 3.5 and 5 on Moh's scale of hardness. In theory, you can scrub a specimen of any mineral harder than 5 and not damage the specimen.

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Mar 19, 2015· This barite crystal cluster has hundreds of white tabular barite crystals measuring from 9mm to 13mm long. They are transparent to translucent, and they formed on a matrix of gray metallic galena and golden color pyrite. There are some galena and …

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Fine Mineral Specimens consisting of Baryte or Barite minerals. Fluorite, Sphalerite, Calcite & Baryte from Illinois

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Jul 05, 2020· For sale is a thumbnail cluster of vibrant bluish-green veszelyite crystals, some partially covered by a thin olive-green coating on quartz. Veszelyite is a rare hydrated copper, zinc phosphate mineral. Specimens were collected from the famous and closed Black Pine Mine in Montana back in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Most American mineral collectors and mineralogists still prefer the spelling Barite, and we reflect that spelling here in this guide as well. Barite specimens from certain locations are brown from sand inclusions, and may occur in beautiful rosette aggregates that strikingly resemble a flower. These are known as Barite "Desert Roses."

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Barite $1,200.00 Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 6.3 x 4.4 cm Rosiclare Level, Minerva Mine #1, Cave-in-Rock Dist., Illinois, USA (4 more images)

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Compound prisms reach 1.2 cm and the small nest of white barite blades is a super contrast and accessory. The remarkable crystals in one view look like a juicy green cave carbonate flowstone deposit! The limited 1997 high quality pyromorphite finds from this old Spanish lead-barite mine are the finest European finds since the world-class finds ...

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Mineral Auctions. Bid on the finest mineral specimens, both contemporary and classics, for both collectors and curators. The auction will close every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. New specimens are usually posted immediately after the close of the previous auction. We Buy Collections and Single Important Specimens

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The specimen has been reviewed, photographed and published as a new discovery in the magazine 'Mineral Up' on page 53 of the 2020/01 edition. Mohamedine, Coud'a, Mibladen mining district, Mibladen, Midelt, Midelt Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region Morocco (04-05/2019)